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Knowledge is Core
to your Financial Future

Core Financial Group offers a wide range of resources to help answer all your financial questions.  Whether you are just getting started, or well on your way into retirement, we can help guide you on your financial journey. 

About Core Financial Group

At Core Financial Group, we believe that everyone deserves access to quality financial advice and services. Trevor Nelson and Jody Oliver are experienced professionals dedicated to helping individuals, families, and small businesses make informed decisions about their finances.

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Our Services

At Core Financial Group, our goal is to help you achieve your financial goals for the present and the future. We offer a range of services including personalized financial coaching, comprehensive planning, various investment options, income and wealth protection, and more.


Jody Oliver,
Registered Representative of GWN Securities, Inc., Cody, WY

Jody joined the financial services industry in 2015 and calls Cody, Wyoming home. In 1984 she served 6 years teaching at the US Air Force Survival School in Spokane, WA. After 12 years of raising her children, she continued her teaching career providing specialized survival training to US Special Forces for 13 years.

Her dedication to serve never changed but the subject matter did, now she helps guide others on how to be financially secure in her community and to her clients throughout the United States. As a Registered Representative Jody is a proud member of the Dave Ramsey SmartVestor program with her focus being “Financial Wellness & Education” for families and small businesses.

As an experienced financial coach and licensed insurance agent she also helps families and businesses insure their income, build a solid retirement plan, and define the legacy they want to leave behind with Term Life Insurance, Long-Term Disability, Long-Term Care and Annuities coverage.


When she isn’t helping clients, Jody and her husband Bill Oliver can be found riding horses they trained in the wilderness of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem or helping equine owners build better relationships through horsemanship and colt starting clinics throughout the country.

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Trevor Nelson,
Financial Professional, Powell, WY

Trevor started his financial services career in banking, working his way up through several departments, but the one that he found the most enjoyable was the Collections department.  Meeting with clients to help them formulate a plan to get from where their finances were currently to where they dreamed, became a passion.  Over the years Trevor has taught numerous Dave Ramsey, Financial Peace University Classes as well as become a Ramsey Solutions Financial Coach.  He has also added multiple tools to his toolbelt by obtaining both investment and insurance licenses to better serve his clients.  While Trevor’s services have broadened over the years, his desire to work together with his clients to build a plan that they are excited and educated about has remained the same. 


Trevor and Jody worked together at a previous firm and formed a bond in their desire to provide quality services and functional financial education for their clients.  That desire and their ability to work together led them to form Core Financial Group, LLC.


Trevor graduated from Cody High School.  While attending Cody High School, Trevor made the controversial but wise move to date a girl from Powell High School.  They have been married for over 20 years now.  Trevor, his wife and their two children enjoy making the most of the Wyoming outdoors by hiking, camping, and fishing.  If they aren’t in the mountains or on the water, they are probably on a baseball or softball field.

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